Additional comments about Jindrich Henry Degen’s artwork

Floral Motive“Very cool website – very relaxing site to read.”
J. P., Texas, USA

“The website is clean and simple, I like it!”
New Zealand

“Your website design and layout are very nice.
Take care, thank you.”
A. K., United Kingdom

“Very nice website, my compliments to the artist.”
H. C., Gaithersburg, MD, USA

“Mr. Degen’s website is nice. His works are very interesting.”
J. H., Plzen, Czech Republic

“Thank you very much for the link to your father’s website. His still lifes are absolutely beautiful, and the verses [in Czech only] which I read are very witty. It is good that you have decided to publish his creations and so spread the joy with which he creates.”
J. K., Praha, Czech Republic

“We enjoyed seeing your father’s website again Eva. He’s certainly very versatile in what he produces and we found it all lovely, both the photography and the artwork. Your Dad is able to create great softness in some of his works and I love the way he uses colour.”
S. I., Warragul, Australia

“I enjoy visiting Henry’s art galleries. Overall, the bright and often warm selection of colours generate positive feelings and an uplifted mood. Also, I like the mandalas! In my view, today we have lost touch with the knowledge of the mandala. Yet nature abounds with mandalas. Congratulations to your daughter who has created an inviting website that is always a joy to visit. Best wishes in your further creative endeavours.
M. P., Brisbane, Australia

Very interesting to discover your art a bit better. Well done, bravo!
C.C., Victoria Point, Australia

Hello Henry, I have enjoyed your wide variations of art, you are so versatile, I look forward to new works to view.
V.T.,  Victoria Point, Australia

I checked out the website that you created for your Dad. You both do very well. Talent must run in the family!
D. H., Cleveland, Australia


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