Welcome to the Miscellaneous Human gallery of Jindrich (Henry) Degen. To see details of each picture, click on the thumbnail.

Picture details as far as medium and dimensions are listed below the gallery.




1.  Life Study 1 (Mixed media on paper, 55 x 45 cm)
2.  Life Study 2 (Pastel on paper, 52 x 38 cm, 2008)
3.  Life Study 3 (Pastel on paper, 45 x 55 cm)
4.  Feminine Mystique (Acrylic on board, 37 x 25 cm)
5.  Mother and Child (Acrylic on board, 53 x 37 cm)
6.  Three Faces (Acrylic on board, 35 x 55 cm)
7.  The Third One Is Watching (Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, 2012)



Many more human subjects are featured in Jindrich Henry Degen’s book Colour and Contrast and Faces and Forms Across Time.



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