More comments about Jindrich Henry Degen’s art

Still Life“I have accessed the website to view your dad’s art. It’s lovely. Your dad is very talented. It’s also nice to hear that he was a musician. … You really have a dad to be proud of!”
P.G., Cairo, Egypt

“Your father’s web page is wonderful. I love his art!  I can only scan it now because I’m busy, but I know I’ll go back.”
M.H., Prague, Czech Republic

“I visited the website of Eva’s dad. What great paintings, versatile and interesting.  I love Lady of the Trees. I love art and if I had lots of money, I’d be collecting, but I do what I can now.”
K.V., Colorado, USA

“I have enjoyed your paintings, Mr Degen. My favourite would bePrague (reminds me a little of Monet), then Blue Vase, Violet Vase with White Flowers and In the Forest; also The Red Man. I would like to come to your next showing if you have one locally. Many thanks.”
E.R., Cleveland, Queensland, Australia

“Congratulations, what a wonderful tribute to you from your daughter, Eva. Really enjoyed viewing your work, you should be much more in the public eye. However, I know all too well that it’s not always easy to do that. All the best, Henry.”
L.R., Thornlands, Queensland, Australia

“I was impressed with your Dad’s site and his work – and his marvellous contribution to life itself through his music and art! I sent him a little message. You have created such a wonderful avenue for him to share his talent with us all in this website!”
E.M., Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

“Hello Mr Degen,
Many thanks for the gifts that you have brought to us all through your long life of music and art. We are all the richer for your presence! I was interested to see so many Mandala-like pieces – a sense of completion – though I think my favourite work is In the Forest. Once again, thanks for the inspiration!
With best wishes.”
E.M., Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

“Had a quick look at your Dad’s art gallery, you have done a wonderful job setting it up, Eva. And I like the paintings too!”
J.H., Emerald, Victoria, Australia

“I certainly did enjoy browsing through that beautiful website you have created featuring your Dad’s art work.”
N.C., Victoria Point, Queensland, Australia

“When/if I get a house that I am living in for more than 18 months, I’d love to get some of your dad’s artwork!”
J.P., Woolongong, NSW, Australia

“Thanks so much for showing me Jindrich’s work. I do see a connection with mine. Interestingly, my mother was of Czech origin.”
L. T., Ithaca, NY, USA

“May you receive much enjoyment in continuing your artistic ability in your older years. Keep it up as you have a diversity of talent in art and music.”
J.D., Victoria Point, QLD, Australia

“Dear Mr. Degen,
Thanks to our mutual friend, I learned about your pictures. Your style really surprised me – hats off to you. Your paintings are beautiful and very demanding – I wouldn’t have the patience for your style. I also paint – mainly landscapes, flowers and various objects. I wish you much luck.”
M.S., Arizona, USA

“Dear Jindrich, we send greetings from southern Bohemia. The paintings are really beautiful – I was especially admiring the still life. I wish you much health and further creativity. I’ll be sure to visit these pages again.”
A.G., Tabor, Czech Republic

“I was really impressed by Eva’s Dad’s artwork. It is a blessing and you have done a great job to share it with others. Thanks once again.”
F. F., Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia


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