Jindrich (Henry) Degen Artwork Site

Welcome to the website of
Jindrich (Henry) Degen,
a Czech artist now living in Brisbane, Australia.

This website was created by Jindrich's daughter, Eva Peck. She and her husband, Alexander, feel that Jindrich, now in his early nineties, has created works of art that are worth sharing with a wider audience.

Inspired by Robert Schumann, Jindrich believes that: “To send light into the darkness of human hearts – such is the duty of the artist.”

So please feel free to browse Jindrich's art galleries. If there is any painting you'd like to buy, please contact us.

The site also features digital nature photography of Jindrich (Henry) Degen, often with an artistic flair.

Since Jindrich has Czech background, the site also features a Czech section, which includes Jindrich's poetry in the Czech language.

Thank you for visiting -- and come again!


Some of Jindrich's art and photography as well as his Czech poetry is available in book form. For a list and details of available books, click here.







Jindrich (Henry) Degen

 Apples in a Basket 

   This painting, created in 1941, when the artist was still in his teens, graced the Redland City Art Gallery for a time. It is now our treasured possession.