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Jindrich (Henry) Degen's Background   


  Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1923, Jindrich Degen has enjoyed drawing since childhood. After completing secondary education, he decided to pursue his other great interest, music, following in the footsteps of his father. From 1943 until 1979 he performed as a solo oboist in various symphony and opera orchestras in Prague, Gothenburg (Sweden), and Australia (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra). He also published music arrangements for students of oboe -- 20 Easy Etudes; Duettes for Oboe; and Orchester-Studien für Oboe.

  After his retirement in 1979, Jindrich moved from Melbourne to Queensland where he began devoting himself to art. While living on the Sunshine Coast, he took a three-year art course at TAFE. Later in the Redlands, as a member of the Yurara Art Society, he has taken part in workshops conducted by prominent artists including Irene Amos, Jan Jefferies, Jack Oudyn, Michael John Taylor, and Rex Backhaus-Smith.

  Jindrich's subject repertoire is diverse, and is directed by his personal mood or idea at the time. He enjoys painting realistic subjects, such as themes from nature, townscapes, portraits, and still lifes.  Through colourful abstract or semi-abstract art, he tries to express his subconscious feelings in images on canvas using various media. His favourite is acrylic, but he also uses charcoal, pastel, water colour, and oil. 

  Jindrich takes part in various local art activities and exhibitions, especially those of the Yurara Art Society. During March-April 2004, he had a personal exhibition in the Redland Art Gallery. In July-August 2010, the Redland Art Gallery featured about twenty of Jindrich's mandala paintings under the title, Mandala Inspiration. In November 2013, he had a solo exhibition at the Yurara Art Gallery, entitled Variations (also available in book form).


  Some time ago, Jindrich's daughter and son-in-law published a small book in Jindrich's honour with the help of Blurb publishing. For a preview and purchase details, click on the book image below.


Memories of Times with Dad - cover





Prague is the city of Jindrich's birth and where he spent the first half of his life. (Painting not for sale.)

Henry working on a portrait 

    Jindrich at a portrait workshop

Henry with daughter Eva Peck

Jindrich with daughter Eva Peck at a Yurara Art Society Exhibition.